Measure the actual potential of your products and their ability to smoothly merge into your target markets’ patient management practices


Identify who your competitors really are – both present and future, both international and local – and understand them in detail

KOL Mobilization

Quickly enroll the top clinical practitioners and scientists who will champion your products and services all along the market entry process

Clinical Studies

Conduct innovative pilot studies and clinical research that will prove instrumental in shaping your products’ commercial future

Regulatory Affairs

Map out and follow the shortest regulatory pathway towards your products’ Market Authorization, leveraging the most recent regulatory evolutions and local specificities

Local Structure

Determine the best local implantation strategy based on the results of a multidimensional analysis of your target markets


Define and implement the best local organization based on optimal use of all available local resources


Immediately achieve financial results through fast sales development rooted in a successful Market Access approach


Optimize your products’ logistics and value chain via grasping local manufacturing, assembly, or sourcing opportunities

Human Resources

Control your development thanks to smooth recruitment of your local team

Intellectual Property

Protect your innovation capital effectively to achieve sustainable market share growth

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