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Stéphane ROUX


Tuesday 27 July 2021, by sebmu

We have been developing the Chinese market Since 2011 through several partnership models with several distributors.
In 2019, due to the rapid, constant evolution of the market as well as the ever-changing Chinese regulatory landscape, we faced some difficulties in identifying the steps to further enhance our Chinese market footprint, define a clear partnership strategy, and outline a clear roadmap to secure our organisation in China. At the same time we were encountering delays in finalizing several Class III medical device registration dossiers.

Based on the advice of our internal Chinese Project Manager, we decided to hire VVR Medical and conduct a mission during several months in order to accompany us on the following:
- Understand the new purchasing organization of spine implants set by Chinese Health Authorities
- Define the best strategy to prepare and answer this new process
- Study and define the best distributor to access this business
- Define a clear pricing and partnership strategy
- Select an efficient CRO, clarify and solve regulatory issues

As of today, VVR Medical has achieved its work: the experienced and fully dedicated team fulfilled a complex mission requiring multiple operational skills (scientific, technical, regulatory, commercial, supply chain…) from different experienced consultants based in China and in France, and I can say we are very satisfied with their work.

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